Yet, should you seek silence, we extend to you a small offering – earplugs, infused with the serenity of our surroundings, to ensure your peace is undisturbed.

Step gently into the embrace of Chiang Mai, where the spirit of Lanna comes alive. THEE Kashatharn Hotel invites you to savor a blend of heritage and comfort, where each moment is a story waiting to unfold.

As night melts into dawn, the familiar call of our roosters heralds a new day. Their crow is not just a sound—it’s a song that has echoed through generations, a melody as enduring as the mountains. These roosters are storytellers, their voices a celebration of beginnings.

In our cozy corner, we have mastered the balance between the past and the present. You will find comfort in the charm of old-world aesthetics harmonized with modern conveniences. Our rooms offer a peaceful retreat, where you find rest in a soothing environment.

But we understand that nature’s morning symphony might intrude upon your dreams. For those who seek uninterrupted rest, we offer earplugs, infused with the calm of our environment, to ensure your peace remains undisturbed.

Here, choices are made warm and inviting. You can rise with the sun, embracing the rooster’s ancient call, or bask in the silence a little longer. In Chiang Mai’s gentle embrace, both paths are cherished.

To use

Simply unwrap this tender silence, mold it gently to the shape of your dreams, and allow its hushed lullaby to guide you through realms of uninterrupted slumber.

A Pro Tip

For those who appreciate the rooster’s early call, we extend an intriguing invitation. Join us in a special activity designed to connect you to the rustic traditions of Lanna. All it takes is a simple scan of the QR code we’ve provided to delve into the narrative of these feathered timekeepers.

Take note of the moment you heard the Rooster crow and share the time of your awakening with our attentive staff. In this simple exchange—a story for a token—you will receive a unique keepsake from our collection at the front desk. This souvenir is not just an item; it is a thread woven into the rich fabric of Chiang Mai’s heritage, a tangible piece of the narrative that you can carry home, symbolizing the gentle interplay of culture and nature in your journey with us.

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