Step gently into the embrace of Chiang Mai, where the spirit of Lanna comes alive…

THEE Kashatharn Hotel invites you to savor a blend of heritage and comfort, where each moment is a story waiting to unfold.


The elephant has been connected to the image of Lanna and Thai culture since ancient times. Elephants have been used as many important symbols and promoted as symbols of strength and endurance. While the elephant is a symbol of pride, the chicken represents life. Rooster play an important role in the daily lives of Thai people, both economically and socially. Whether raising roosters for an agricultural career, creating income, or as a food source for households, roosters also have an important role in religious rituals.

As night melts into dawn, the familiar call of our roosters heralds a new day. Their crow is not just a sound—it’s a song that has echoed through generations, a melody as enduring as the mountains. These roosters are storytellers, their voices a celebration of beginnings.

In our haven, you’ll discover a curious blend of rustic charm and blissful comfort. As night descends into silence, our resident nightingale – a proud, feathered troubadour – heralds the break of dawn with a melody that’s as old as time. This rooster, our natural alarm clock, is not just a bird but a storyteller, singing tales of sunrise and the awakening earth.

For those who appreciate the rooster’s early call, we extend an intriguing invitation. Join us in a special activity designed to connect you to the rustic traditions of Lanna.

Take note of the moment you heard the Rooster crow and share the time of your awakening with our attentive staff. In this simple exchange—a story for a token—you will receive a unique keepsake from our collection at the front desk. This souvenir is not just an item; it is a thread woven into the rich fabric of Chiang Mai’s heritage, a tangible piece of the narrative that you can carry home, symbolizing the gentle interplay of culture and nature in your journey with us.

1. Record a video or audio of the rooster crowing at the time you hear it.

2. Show the video clip or audio recording to the Reception staff.

3. You will receive a souvenir immediately after showing it.

*The souvenirs are different, depending on the time period you heard the rooster crowing. The roosters you heard have a backstory, which you can read about below.

They say the first rooster crows to greet the Moon, not the Sun

In Chiang Mai’s ancient streets, three roosters uphold this age-old tradition, each marking a moment in time. The first, with feathers of molten gold, boldly heralds the day’s arrival, while his plump, speckled friend, cradled within the banyan’s branches, sings of midnight’s deepest hour. 

And as stars fade into the dawn, the third and wisest stirs, his voice a gentle whisper, the first hint of morning’s light. Together, they weave a melody of a Chiang Mai steeped in tradition, where every day brings new beginnings. In Lanna village lore, the rooster’s crow is a sign of fortune, a glimpse into a way of life fading from modern sight.

Boonlai, a magnificent rooster with feathers of shimmering gold, arrived from distant lands beyond the horizon. His crow, mighty and resounding, was like the call of kings, a clarion herald of the dawn that stirred the very soul of the earth. He was a great traveler who used to live in most of the countries when he was a young and fit. Finally, the age of retirement brought him back home. His adventurous journey traveling across time zones changed him from a morning crow made his inner clock tick differently. From the early chick, some night the clock struck 2-3 am.

Please pardon Boonlai’s unusual timing – he’s just sharing his time-traveling tunes with you!

In the shadow of towering trees, Buakaw, a proud Thai warrior rooster with a tail as bright as the midday sky, stood as a testament to the unwavering spirit of his forefathers, guardians of these sacred lands for generations. After his retirement from fighting, he transformed from a fit, strong rooster into a cute, chubby one and was nearly processed into a nugget one dark night. Destiny intervened when a kind old lady rescued him, showering him with love, care, and delectable treats, giving him a second chance at life.
From then on, Buakaw cherished life’s simple pleasures, especially the joy of a new day and a good sleep, never wanting to wake everyone too early with his crowing. But when Boonlai’s midnight serenade began, Buakaw couldn’t resist joining in, creating a magical musical conversation that spoke of unity and companionship. His voice, a heartfelt tribute to the old lady, carried the gratitude he felt for his second chance at life.

Buabaan, descended from the noble line of Old King himself, commanded the greatest reverence. His feathers gleamed with the brilliance of precious gems, and his crow carried the weight of centuries of royal heritage. Buabaan’s call was not merely a signal of the new day; it was a solemn reminder of the kingdom’s enduring legacy, resonating through time like an ancient hymn.
Always deep in thought, Buabaan sought to understand the universe, one peck at a time. His wisdom came at the cost of sleep, as the night was his time to ponder the secrets of the stars. Every morning, inspired by his companions’ first crows, he shyly joined their chorus from 6 A.M. onwards. His soft and thoughtful crow added a moment of unity under the same sky.

So, when the night falls and you hear the trio’s harmonious crow, remember the wise old Buabaan. Pardon his unconventional timing, for his voice is a reminder that wisdom often speaks in the quiet moments of the night.Then, as the first light of dawn kissed the sky, Buabaan, with a sense of quiet dignity, would let out his crow, a gentle yet authoritative proclamation that the new day had arrived.

And so, at the Kashatharn Hotel nestled amidst the enchanting beauty of Chiang Mai, guests would awaken to the echoes of this ancient tale, reminded that they were not merely spectators but participants in the timeless dance of life, where every dawn brought with it the promise of adventure and discovery.

If luck finds you amidst their song, seek us at reception, where a gift awaits, a token of prosperity and memories made. Use it as you see fit – whether as an ornament for your Christmas, a lucky charm, or anything else that brings meaning to your journey. For in every time you see, remember the smiles, the sights, and sounds of our Lanna city. May it be a promise that each story it sparks brings you closer to the enchanting mornings of Chiang Mai, right here at THEE Kashatharn Hotel.





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