Thuub bar

Once upon a time, there was a small village located far away from civilization..
Deepest in the woods, down in a bushy valley where the northern ancient culture
had been preserved and confined for a very long time…

Forest was their farm…. wild animals were their feast…
Living with gifts of nature was their way of life…

One day a young bartender got lost in the forest and
stumbled across this long-lost village.

From months of living among locals, the young bartender rapidly grasped
on to the culture and senses of the villagers special ‘gifts from nature’

He then returned to civilization along with hismagical experiences.
In hopes to share bits and pieces of
his gathered wisdom of the long lost village with the outside world.

Opening Hours : Open Daily : 6:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Facebook : THUUB Bar

Tel : 092 802 7101

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Thee is situated at Address Rakang Road Soi 2 T.Hanyya A.Mueng Chiang Mai


Tel : 053-449-026
Fax : 098-164-2048

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