There are many ways or options to get around in Chiang Mai, from the traditional ones like Tuktuk or Songthaew to the modern ones like Grab car (Uber alike).

1) TUK-TUK – is one of the most traditional transportations in Thailand, its considered a symbol of Thailand. It’s used to be in most of the cities but today Tuk-Tuk runs only in some cities only. Chiangmai is one of them, there is a little charm also called “challenge” with the fare, they have different prices, negotiation and bargain are advised because there is no meter on Tuk-Tuk ride.
If you are there for the first time, you have to hop on it for at least one ride.

Chiang Mai town is not big, you can move around the city with it, also you can do a city tour by tuk-tuk

2) SONGTHAEW – a large red pickup van that modified adding 2 rows of sites at the back to accommodate many people. Songthaew means 2 rows in Thai

The Songthaews run around and picked up passengers from places to places at every most of the locations and opportunities. Hotels normally will help you call Songthaew to pick you up too. Its a cheap and convenient option – I used them a lot.

3) TAXI – more pleasant and personal (and not in the open air like the Tuk-Tuk) but more expensive

4) GRAB CAR – Is another option for a private transportation generally cheaper then Taxi but you need the download the app


5) RENT A BIKE – There are lot of bikes for rent shops every conner in Chiang Mai where you can rent and ride the bike by yourself which is very convenient if you know how to ride.
You can rent by hours or days. Some shops will allow you to rent without a license check which it will be your own risk and what they normally don’t tell you is there are road checks around the city at random times so be careful – Its really fun

6) RENT A CAR – You can also rent a car and drive around. This option is good if you plan to go out of town, up to the mountain somewhere as the parking could be a problem in city center and roads are quite small, please remember that

7) RENT A VAN WITH A DRIVER – This is good if you come in group and you have a solid plan for the day, the van and the driver will be with you all the time. You will be able to jump of the van and do anything you like anywhere you want.

8) BY FOOT – a great way to explode Chiang Mai closely. For those who want to discover more in detail in every corner of those small alleys. Walk around Chiang Mai city can be very interesting and so much fun specially the oldtown.


1) AIRPORT TAXI – This is one of the best options and convenient for all travelers who just arriving to Chiangmai with luggage. They have standard prices for most of the hotel and very reasonable prices. For instance, from airport to hotels in or near oldtown the fare is around 150 baht  

2) HOTEL PICKUP – Another convenient option. It depends on the hotel services availability and prices. Pls check with your hotel
3) GRAB CAR– You can also use the App to book a pick up

    Airport to THEE Kashatharn Hotel – The best option to travel from airport to the hotel is Airport Taxi, the fare is 150 baht and take around 15-20 mins to the hotel.


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